• AutoFuser
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    Disposable Silicone Baloon Infuser

    The AutoFuser is intended for continuous and / or intermittent infusion of
    medication for general infuson use including antibiotic, chemotherapy
    and pain management therapies.

  • Neovent
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    The world’s leading ventilation modes

    Designed for newborns, Neovent offers a professional non- invasive nasal ventilation mode with advanced apnea wake- up function, automatic leak compensation function and so on.

  • AutoFuser S
    welcome to Invest Medical

    AutoFuser S

    Disposable Silicone Balloon Infuser

    The Autofuser S® is ideal for the flexible delivery requirements of Postoperative pain management,
    Cancer pain management, Chemotherapy, and Antibiotic therapy.

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It is introduction of Invest Medical OÜ.
Our young company is actively developing in the medical equipment market. Оur team of professional employees has extensive experience in major projects to equip Russian medical institutions with high-tech equipment.

We strive to ensure that all doctors and patients have access to the most modern methods of treatment. To achieve this goal, we work closely with the world's leading manufacturers of high-tech medical equipment. Our company works only with those who have proven high quality, reliability and high level of service of their products.


It is introduction of InvestMedical Co., Ltd.

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